• Saturday & Sunday School

    A youth Islamic learning courses scheduled on every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 4pm. This course is design for all youths (boys and girls) to come and learn how to read and memorize the beautiful Quran and its teaching at their own speed. Every 4 to 6 months teachers are encourage to register their students for Quran competition at the Masjid with other students outside of the Masjid.

  • Summer School

    During summer school break except on Friday. The Masjid is offering reading, writing and memorizing courses daily From 11 AM to 4pm. These courses are design for all children (boys and girls) to come and learn more about Arabic and the Quran. Before the summer school end, Teachers are encourage to register their students to part take in reading and memorizing competition at the Masjid including other students from outside the Masjid.

  • Quran and Hadiths Study

    The Quran study course is designed to teach the basic knowledge of Islam and the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad S.W.S. We ought to learn the Quran and the teachings of Islam. Therefore, we encourage all Muslims to visit our Masjid frequently and part take in this course.

  • Adult Education

    An adult learning course is scheduled on every Saturday between Magrib and Isha. Every other day, the adults and others part take in the daily learning of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.W.S. and Hadiths to understand the religion better and purify one heart and soul. We appreciated and most humbled by anybody who can benefit in these daily practices in the masjid. Thus, we encourage all to visit us and join in these lectures.

  • Month of Ramadan

    During this period of Holly Month of Ramadan, teachers are not available so we encourage all Muslims to increase their iman by focusing on your fasts and praising Allah S.W.T. Never the less we are going to have daily lectures at the masjid provided by the Imam after Dhuhr and Isha. Feel free to join us daily to get closure to ALLAH S.W.T.


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